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In January 2016, I moved from my hometown of Osaka to Shiga Prefecture and started LAND & BC.

Vests and aprons that focus on everyday work such as gardening, farming, DIY and cooking, as well as "outside play" such as outdoor activities and camping at the studio at the foot of the Hira mountain range, which is rich in nature overlooking Lake Biwa. , Bags and other fabric items are inspired by everyday life and are carefully made one by one with their own hands.

It is a brand that handles and manages all processes, including cutting and sewing, for collaboration products with other brands.


Our brand products are used as part of fashion, as workwear and uniforms, such as gardeners, farmers, campers, beauty barbers, restaurants, film crews and stage crews.・It is widely used by people of all ages and occasions.

``LAND & BC'' ``LAND'' means a place to be in everyday life, and ``BC'' (BASE CAMP) means an extraordinary and outside life.

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