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In addition to the following, it is used as a uniform by many gardeners, landscaping industries, restaurants, etc. If you are considering it, please contact us from "CONTACT" on the top page.


thefarm uniform
Garden work wear
gardening apron

A botanical paradise that everyone can enjoy

A wonderful garden center that is so fashionable and soothing that no one knows about it.

Cafes and dog runs surrounded by greenery, plants collected from all over the world...

While experiencing, you can meet many plants such as flower seedlings, large garden trees, foliage plants, rare succulents, etc., and there are plenty of tools and spots to enjoy plants. A garden center where everyone from adults to children can enjoy plants.


It was a space that I personally loved even before LAND & BC was launched. In March 2016, shortly after the brand was launched (the brand started in January 2016), there was an event for the Farm UNIVERSAL OSAKA's first anniversary, and we opened a store as a brand. At that time, I was asked to make “Hunt apron” for the uniform of the gardener staff. Later, in March 2019, when the Farm UNIVERSAL OSAKA celebrated its 4th anniversary, we adopted “Work apron” as the second stage and produced it.


greenloft the park
green loft

A colorful life connected by agriculture

A place where everyone can enjoy and become a point of contact with familiar nature. Barbecue & day camping, garden shop & cafe that merges with greenery, cycling road & jogging running in the park, urban park where you can live a colorful and active life fused with nature in a natural space on the side of the city.


A garden center that opened in November 2017 on the site of the Tenjo River in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

There is also a vast lawn space in the surroundings, and our dog is also a favorite spot!

Before opening, we received an offer for staff uniforms, and we produced 3 items, ``Hunt vest'', ``Sacoche apron'', and ``Work apron'' in GREEN LOFT's original colors.

In 2022, I was entrusted with the “Hunt vest”, which had been in service for four and a half years, and was deeply moved when I saw the actual product. It has grown to have the best texture that cannot be created intentionally by being covered with soil, sand, water, sweat, etc. through daily work, and the aging of the brass used for the purely domestic canvas and metal fittings is also splendid. I personally felt that this was work wear.


Hunt vest special order

A select shop in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture that proposes American casual with its own selection based on the theme of (clothes that can be worn for a long time, clothes that can be enjoyed by wearing them) without worrying about trends.


A triple collaboration with SUGAR RICH, who works in Gunma Prefecture like Mr. OLDMAN, and LAND & BC. All the buttons and shoulder belt adjustment buckles were changed to silver color (brass) for the black color, which was undeveloped at the time.

Mr. OLDMAN's concept [LIFETIME STORE] and SUGAR RICH's concept [A LITTLE SPICE IN YOUR LIFE] are printed on the inside. Mr. OLDMAN and SUGAR RICH did the printing on the inside.

Not only the store, but also the website and SNS are full of tasteful product selection, original products, and handsome products for bikers.



He organizes music events, opens shops at festivals, outdoor events, workshops, etc. in Gunma Prefecture. A group of people with a wide variety of talents who disseminate and propose spices to enrich life.


Lifetime Kyoto

A shop that started in 2003 as a “tool store where you can enjoy living with plants”. Since then, most of our products are imported directly from Europe, mainly from the United Kingdom. Currently, it has expanded its territory as a “tool store that is close to work styles and lifestyles”, including original brands, and is available in stores in Kyoto and online shops.


It is no exaggeration to say that LIFETIME is the shop that inspired me to launch my own brand.

To commemorate LIFETIME's 15th anniversary, this medium tool tote was produced in collaboration with the store brand "WORKS & LABO." Among the Western gardening tools, LIFETIME wanted to carry a medium tool that is distinctive and very easy to use by attaching it to the outside of the bag. It's not fun to just attach it, so I packed various gimmicks on the outside and inside, and used my head very much until I made it into a shape. No. 10 paraffin canvas is used for the body, and No. 8 canvas is used for the inside.


I just love this collaboration name!


hobo vest

Practical equipment such as bags, and decorative accessories such as bracelets and rings. hobo is a brand from Tokyo that has two contradictory personalities. A brand that is not bound by preconceived notions and sells designs that are born from overflowing creativity and free ideas into products by skilled domestic craftsmen and sells them in Japan and overseas, mainly at select shops.


"COTTON TWILL GARDENER VEST" in collaboration with hobo 2019SS COLLECTION. I received a phone call from a certain stylist who is mainly active in magazines, and asked me about a collaboration. Made ``Hunt vest'' and ``Sacoche apron'' of this brand with materials selected by hobo. As it is a brand that is popular both domestically and internationally, I was happy to have a large quantity, but on the other hand, it was the first time I experienced muscle pain from hooking with a hand press machine. Produced for 3 seasons from 2019SS.

Hobo is a brand with a very strong passion for making things, not only for its own products, but also for collaborations.

Flower shop Shiga
Shiga Gardening
Flower shop uniform
Shiga flower shop

Flower shop "HANABOZE" opened in 2008 in Promenade Aoyama, an open mall commercial facility in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

In 2021, "GREEN ANGLE" will newly open in the building across from it, aiming to create a relaxing space where you can feel the warmth of trees, mainly with foliage plants and dried flowers.


The newly released Hunt vest with minor changes coincided with the opening of GREEN ANGLE, so it was adopted as the staff uniform. The original HANABOZE logo is silk-screened on the existing color (khaki), and the LAND & BC logo is printed on the back.

Based on the concept of “PLANTS MAKE PROPLE HAPPY”, we are transmitting “good things made in Shiga” as a community-based store.

Houseplants and miscellaneous goods of MADE IN SHIGA related to them are also wonderful.,The flower arrangement is also outstanding, such as a bouquet that will surely make the person who received it smile! The charm is transmitted from the online shop!

apron uniform
shoe store apron
shoe fitter

Founded in 1957, this shoe store has expanded nationwide, including partner shops, mainly in the Hokuriku region.

In addition to developing original brands, we are also doing joint development with domestic and foreign shoe manufacturers, and each store has a professional shoe fitter.

There is also a workshop for adjusting and repairing shoes and making insoles, so it is truly a "footwear professional" company.



At the timing of the opening of the new store in December 2021, we produced “Work apron” as a staff uniform. The body has been changed to the existing sand color, and the string specifications have been changed to red, which is also used in Nosaka's logo. In addition, considering that the staff will use it for a long time, we changed the width of the string to 25mm (usually 20mm width) to reduce the burden on the neck, and made it a back cross type. The corporate logo on the right chest was embroidered by Nosaka.

You can get various knowledge from the website, such as the importance of feet and shoes, so it's a must-see!


Shiga Agriculture
Agricultural clothes cool
Shiga brand workwear

An agricultural corporation in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture, where a small number of elite women are mainly active, born from the desire to seize the future and win the hearts of everyone.

We produce various varieties of vegetables, wheat, and very sweet and delicious corn. As a new challenge, we are an agricultural corporation that can only look forward to the future by making pesticide-free and organic sake rice (Yamada Nishiki) and selling sake.


As staff uniforms, we produced “Hunt vest” and “Sacoche apron” in GRITCH original colors. The colors also harmonize with nature, making agriculture look even cooler. When I make uniforms for agriculture, I feel that I am indirectly involved in "food" and feel a strong sense of worth.

I'm looking forward to seeing the products that have been exposed to nature and grown with a delicious texture in a few years!


婦人服の企画・製造・販売のマツオインターナショナル株式会社さんの植物部門が年に数回 東京と大阪で行っている、コーデックス、アガベ、サボテン等の多肉植物を中心に、鉢やフィギュア、観葉植物など数十社を集めた販売イベント。

数年前から御担当者がHunt vestを愛用しており、スタッフユニフォームとイベントでの販売のため、コラボのお声がけをいただいた。

素材は8号帆布を採用し、ハードな使用にて耐えれる作りとなっています。胸部分と背面ポケットに「BOTANICAL BOTANICAL」ロゴの刺繍入り。



Some Internet apparel mail orders have similar products (copy products) of Hunt vest, but this brand is not involved at all. In addition to the original products, all products that the brand has been involved in in collaboration, etc. have the brand logo printed or woven name on the products.

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