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Hunt apron
gardening apron
Field work clothes
gardening apron
restaurant uniform
Apron coordination

Size: length 600x width 570mm

Material: 100% cotton (No. 11 canvas) *One wash String: Acrylic

Color: Charcoal (16452-CH)

​Price: ¥7,480 (Price without tax ¥6,800)


A short apron featuring a large pocket with a mountain parka motif. The design is not only for camping, gardening, DIY work, but also for everyday wear such as shirts and jacket inners. Both colors have an orange color scheme on the back of the pocket flap, which is the image of a hunter.

The neck and waist cords are designed to pass through grommets, so even if they break after hard use, you can easily replace them with your favorite cord or commercially available twill tape. Also, if you change the specification to a shoulder strap type (type that crosses on the back), you can change it with your favorite strap or commercially available twill tape.

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