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Hunt vest
​This item has been discontinued.
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hunt vest

Size: Free [front length 470mm back length 510mm width 590mm shoulder length 4

Material: 100% cotton (10.5oz indigo denim) *One wash

Color: Indigo Denim White Stitch (16287-DW)

​Price: ¥15,400 (tax excluded ¥14,000)

10.5 ounce denim woven in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture, one of Japan's leading denim production areas. (Finishing work is Kojima, Kurashiki City)

The front side has a gusseted pocket that is easy to put your hands in, and the back has a large harvest pocket. The three hook-and-loop loops on the bottom of the back can be used to hang a harvest bag on either the left or right side, and although it is not yet available in denim, it is sold separately.sacoche apron (10/8 ox)can be used as a tool pocket (waist bag).

There are many wrinkles at first due to product washing, but please enjoy the texture. Also, the fabric may feel stiff, but it will gradually soften and become familiar with your body.

The metal fittings and hooks of the shoulder belt are made of solid brass, so you can enjoy the change over time.

Very convenient for walking with your dog. The pocket is large and there is no flap, so it is easy to take out the essentials such as a poop bag, manners bottle, and treats for a walk.


Since its launch in 2016, the Hunt vest is a standard item that has been used by many heavy users, such as campers, gardeners, landscapers, restaurant staff, hairdressers, movie and stage crews. is.


Notes on denim products

Due to the use of indigo dye, color transfer and fading may occur. Please be careful when using with white or light colored items as color transfer or fading may occur due to friction. Also, please note that the color may transfer to sofas and car seats. Due to the characteristics of the dye, the color may fade when washing, so please wash it separately.

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