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Hunt vest
​This color has been discontinued.
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Size: Free [front length 450mm  back length 490mm  width 590mm  shoulder length 4

Material: 100% cotton (No. 11 canvas) *One wash Shoulder belt: Acrylic

Color: Navy (16287-NV)

​Price: ¥14,300 (tax excluded ¥13,000)


A vest with an updated hunt apron.

The front side has a gusseted pocket that is easy to put your hands in, and the back has a large harvest pocket. The three hook-type loops on the bottom of the back can be used to hang a harvest bag regardless of the left or right, or can be used as a tool pocket (waist bag) by attaching a sacoche apron (sold separately). The "ROOKIE HUNTER" logo is applied to farmers and gardeners who are worried about animal damage, with the idea of "making you feel like a hunter!" Not only can it be used as part of your daily coordination, but it is also effective when working in the field.

The metal fittings and hooks of the shoulder belt are made of solid brass, so you can enjoy the change over time.

Since its release in 2016, the Hunt vest is a standard item that has been used by heavy users such as campers, gardeners, landscapers, restaurant staff, hairdressers and movie and stage crews. is. 

game pocket
hunting vest pocket
ガーデニング グッズ プレゼント
gardening vest


Some Internet apparel mail orders have similar products (copy products) of Hunt vest, but this brand is not involved at all. In addition to the original products, all products that the brand has been involved in in collaboration, etc. have the brand logo printed or woven name on the products.

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gardening goods gifts

Wearing model 173 cm

hunting vest
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