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Hunt vest 02
バイク ツーリングウェア
touring camp clothes
workwear vest
hairdresser apron
gardening wear
bike wear
vest plush pocket
Stray work

Wearing model 173 cm

Size: Free [Front length 420mm  Back length 510mm  Width 590mm  Shoulder length up to 450mm]

Material: 100% cotton (back satin) * One wash Shoulder belt: Acrylic

Color: Navy (16031-NV)

Price: ¥ 17,600 (tax excluded price ¥ 16,000)


It is a double-dyed back satin fabric that has been dye-dyed and then pigment-dyed using natural grains. You can enjoy beautiful discoloration with the material that creates a tasteful color tone by washing the product.

The size is based on the current "Hunt vest", and the biggest features are the back game pocket, which has a larger capacity than before, and the large flap pocket from the front to the side. The flap pocket is sewn to the main body only at the top and is in a floating state. If you are worried about fluttering, you can fix it with the main body loop and hook. If you remove the hook, it will eliminate the sluggishness when you bend down or ride a motorcycle. In addition, the total of 5 hooks makes it possible to attach the separately sold "Sacoche apron" not only to the back but also to the sides.

The metal fittings and hooks of the shoulder belt are made of solid brass, so you can enjoy aging.

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