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Hunt vest 02
dog camping equipment
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outdoor vest
camping vest
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hunt vest
hunt vest
camping vest
hunt vest
Farm work clothes
Wearing model height 173cm
Short length vest
cropped vest
camping girls
Wearing model height 161cm

Size: Free [front length 340mm  back length 430mm  width 580mm  shoulder length 400mm

Material: 100% cotton (No. 11 canvas) *One wash Shoulder belt: Acrylic

Color: Green (22766-GN)

​Price: ¥15,400 (tax excluded ¥14,000)


Hunt vest 02 has been newly released with a perfectly balanced short length!

It features front-to-side flap pockets and a large back game pocket. The pocket with flap is a plush pocket (only the upper part is sewn to the main body and floats). If you are concerned about flapping, you can fix it with the hook on the loop on the back of the pocket. If you remove the hook, it will eliminate sluggishness when you are crouching or riding a motorcycle. This loop does a great job! The width of the body is roomy, so it is easy to wear over outerwear. This is a vest that can be enjoyed in a variety of styles and occasions, regardless of whether you are a man or woman, large or small. The metal fittings and hooks of the shoulder belt are made of solid brass, so you can enjoy the change over time. This "Hunt vest 02 short" cannot be fitted with a sacoche apron.

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