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Hunt vest


レストラン エプロン
レストラン エプロン 黒
カフェ エプロン 黒

Size: Free [Front length 470mm  Back length 520mm  Width 590mm  Shoulder maximum 450mm]

Material: 100% cotton (No. 8 canvas)

Color: Olive (24287-OL) 

​Price: ¥16,000 (tax excluded price ¥17,600)

Starting with the 2024 model, the specifications have been changed to a winged design to withstand even more demanding specifications.

The material has also been changed to No. 8 canvas, and the strength of the material itself has also increased.In addition, all hooks are reinforced with packing.

The No. 8 canvas used this time is hand-dyed by craftsmen and dried in the sun without applying mechanical pressure or tension to the fabric, giving it a natural expression and deep flavor.


There is a gusseted pocket on the front side for easy access, and a large harvest pocket on the back. The three hook-and-loop loops at the bottom of the back allow you to hang harvest bags on either side, or attach a sacoche apron and use it as a tool pocket (waist bag). Not only can it be used as part of your daily coordination, but it is also useful when working in the field.The metal fittings and hooks of the shoulder belt are made of solid brass, so you can enjoy the change over time.


Depending on the material, wrinkles may appear strongly.

There are areas with strong wrinkles and areas with weak wrinkles, so it is not uniform.

It has an uneven finish.

Please enjoy these as the texture of the material.


Since its release in 2016, the Hunt vest has been a standard item used by many heavy users, including campers, gardeners, landscapers, restaurant staff, hairdressers, and film and stage film crews. is.  

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