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POLITE work apron 02  [Polite work apron 02]
Restaurant uniform
apron cute
apron restaurant
long apron
Wearing model height 161cm
Restaurant uniform
apron cafe
apron restaurant
uniform cafe
kitchen apron
Apron cool

Size: Length 990 x Width 720mm

Material: 100% cotton (horse cloth) *One wash

Color: Olive (22341-KI) 

Price: ¥9,350 (¥8,500 without tax)

Inverted pleats are incorporated in the crotch area to increase the amount of fabric, making this long apron suitable for work with a lot of movement, such as daily housework, work, and garden maintenance.

There are large pockets on the left and right with flaps cut diagonally on the waist. The pockets are also designed with inverted pleats to match the body, and the flaps make it difficult for dust and dirt to enter. The pockets are reinforced with yellow stitching accents.

The string is a back cross type specification, so even if you wear it in a relaxed A-line silhouette, the burden on your neck will be reduced.If you are concerned about the burden on your shoulders, you can reduce it by tightening it at your waist.Please use it in your favorite style depending on your mood and scene at that time.

Not only can it be used at home, but it is also recommended as a uniform for service staff at restaurants, cafes, food trucks, bakeries and flower shops.

By spending a little time, I think it will lead to more "careful work". It is an apron that you want to wear consciously when cooking, working, and working.



Horse cloth: A cloth that was once placed between the saddle and the horse's back to prevent the saddle from slipping off during horseback riding. Although it is a thin plain weave fabric, it has high density and strength, and is resistant to wind and has excellent heat retention.

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