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Roll carry
Firewood bag log carry
tools for transporting firewood
bonfire tools
Wood stove bonfire

Size: W470xH890mm (unfolded size)

Material: 100% cotton (No. 9 waterproof canvas) Handle: Acrylic

Color: Olive (16373-OL)

​Price: ¥7,150 (Price without tax ¥6,500)


A roll-carry made of durable No. 9 canvas with paraffin processing. Even in campsites where the ground tends to get wet, you don't have to worry about getting your precious firewood wet. It is the perfect tool for family, friends, and sometimes alone around the bonfire.


* Due to the characteristics of paraffin processing, there is a characteristic that the rubbed part becomes whitish (chalk mark). There are some chalk marks in the manufacturing process. Please note.

*It does not come with a belt or other fasteners, but if you are worried about it getting dirty in the car, etc., please pass a string through the grommet at the mouth and adjust the opening.

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