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Sacoche apron
​This color has been discontinued.
waist apron
Stray work
waist apron

​Setup example with Hunt vest

solo camp

Size: W470xH650mm [Sacoche part W470xH300mm] Belt length 950mm

Material: 100% cotton (10/8 Oxford) *One wash

Color: Olive Drab (16366-OD)

​Price: ¥7,480 (tax excluded ¥6,800)


Waist apron (long/short), sacoche, roll carry, tool pocket (attached to a hunting vest)... It can be used in a variety of ways beyond its simple appearance. It has 3 gusseted pockets and 1 full pocket. The large cloth can be attached and detached with the sacoche part and hooks, and there are handles on the top and bottom of the back, making it convenient for carrying harvested items. The sacoche part can be used alone in three ways: a sacoche, a waist apron, and a tool pocket (attached to a hunting vest).

Oxford fabric woven with different thicknesses of 10th for warp and 8th for weft is used, making it a stiff and rough material.

Metal fittings such as D-rings and hooks are made of solid brass, so you can enjoy the changes over time.

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