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Stitch bag

Size: W290 x H380mm  [Handle 630mm]

Material: 100% cotton (horse cloth) *One wash

Color: Black (24231-BK) 

​Price: ¥6,600 (tax excluded price ¥6,000)

The vast Lake Biwa, the majestic Hira Mountains, and the rural scenery spread out between them. My daily routine is to run in this luxurious place.

Inspired by this rural landscape, we created a bag with countless stitches that resemble planting seedlings.

One piece is cut vertically and the other piece is cut horizontally, and the pieces are bonded with stitches to make the two pieces of fabric (parts) into one piece, which is then assembled. (The fabric is double layered)

The reason why nearly twice the amount of fabric is used to make one sheet is not only to increase thickness and strength, but also to take advantage of the fact that the shrinkage ratio of the fabric differs in the vertical and horizontal directions to give the finished product an expressive look. is.When the assembled bag is finally washed, the fabric has different shrinkage ratios in the vertical and horizontal directions, which pull it together, and the countless stitches create a texture that resembles the ridges of a field.Masu.

This bag is simple yet has a presence, and is sized to hold magazines slightly larger than A4 size.

The handle is long so you can carry it over your shoulder. There is a pocket inside that can hold a smartphone etc.

It is made from two pieces of horse cloth, which is originally thin but has high density, firmness and strength, and is made with reinforced stitching on the bottom, making it more durable than it looks.

It is useful as a main bag or as a sub bag.

I think you can feel the unique expression that is hard to convey in photos.

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