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Work apron
restaurant uniform
cafe uniform
Bonfire resistant clothing
Apron that is resistant to bonfires

Size: length 700x width 750mm

Material: 100% cotton (No. 11 canvas) *One wash String: Acrylic

Color: Charcoal (16279-CH)

​Price: ¥6,050 (Price without tax ¥5,500)


A versatile work apron that can be used for gardening, DIY, camping, etc. There are two pockets on the chest for pens, etc., four pockets on the waist, three loops on the right side of the waist pocket for hanging hammers and tongs, and a towel loop on the left side for hanging towels. one is placed. You can refresh your mood by hanging a bird call on the ring in your breast pocket and playing with the birds during breaks.

The neck and waist straps are designed to pass through grommets, so even if they break after hard use, you can easily replace them with your favorite string or commercially available twill tape. Also, if you change the specification to a shoulder strap type (type that crosses on the back), you can change it with your favorite strap or commercially available twill tape.

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